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Goals have to be correct!

Posted on 04 December 2015 in thoughts

It happens. You do something every day and once it strikes you that you don't see any sense in this. Constant Groundhog Day. Everything's the same, it's gray and every single day just a repeated version of the previous one. What should I do now?

All information regarding "the correct" lifestyle tells you that all you need are life goals. Once you get them you start getting answers for questions "Why?", "When?" and "How?". I do agree with it certainly. The only missing answer is for the question- "How do I create the goals list that I will have motivation to pursuit?". You everyday existence should be tightly bonded to the goals. Ideally everything you do has to be done for a goal. "Ask yourself if what you do right now is compliant with your goals list?"- they say. How's that?

What goals should I have in order to get required motivation? Often you have to do what you don't really like...

НаправлениеI've got a wish to loose weight and I've figured out that it's not correct to aim to reach 75kg for example. It could lead to disappointment once you see that it goes not that quickly as you planned or that you can't eat this pie because of the diet or that you gained some weight since previous weighing. And it becomes even worse when you in cal deficit. Everything becomes worse when you're in stress of any kind and it could lead to demotivation and apathy. So what to do with that?

Your goal should be the process not the result. I thought about this sometime ago but as usual never payed attention to it but today I've stumbled upon another guy who thinks the same.

Focus on the lifestyle, not the goals. One of my favorite sayings is the journey is the destination. Even if you have excess weight to lose don’t focus exclusively on that goal. Instead concentrate on the daily journey. Enjoying delicious, satisfying meals with your family and moving your body in an enjoyable way. Do those things consistently and the additional benefits, such as weight loss, will be a tremendous side effect.

Even example is about loosing weight. Haha!

When you goal is a process every day you reach desired. Every day the goal is reached. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't it empower you to repeat the success next day? I think this is great.